healthy snacks to buy from costco

20 Best Healthy Snacks From Costco

If you’re looking for healthy Costco snacks with the least amount of added sugar, this post is for you!

Healthy Snacks From Costco

Healthy Snacks From Costco

If you’re someone who LOVES Costco and loves a good healthy snack, shopping at your local Costco is a great way to stock up on foods that align with your health goals while also being delicious. Even though it may seem that buying healthy snacks bulk can be expensive, it is actually less expensive in the long run. Keeping healthy snacks on hand are very important when it comes to planning and preparation as these are key to building healthy consistent habits.

Also, having these snacks be easily available when you are hungry or looking for a snack can make a huge difference because when you’re hungry you are usually looking for something quick and convenient. This is why having healthy snacks on hand is a big part of staying consistent on your health journey, whether your goal is improving your health in general or you have more specific goals, like weight loss.

How to Choose Healthy Snacks

There are a few guidelines when deciding whether or not something is healthy or healthy-ish. The nutrition label can help you make a decision when you’re shopping for snacks (or any food, really).

According to registered dietitians, these are the most important parts of a nutrition label you should read: 

Added sugar

Aim to choose a snack with the least amount of added sugar.  On the nutrition label, you will notice “total sugars” and “added sugar”. Total Sugars on the nutrition facts label includes sugars naturally present in many foods including any sugars added to the food product during the manufacturing process. When choosing a healthy snack, try to have the added sugar part be as low as possible.


When choosing snacks, try to choose ones made with whole grains.  This helps you eat more fiber which is very important for your gut health and overall health. Choose foods with at least 5 grams of fiber per serving whenever possible. 


Look for the number of grams of protein per serving. A high-protein snack is usually a good, healthy option. Aim for at least 5 grams of protein per serving.


The ingredient list contains all the ingredients present in the food product, in order of greatest to least. You can easily compare the quality of the food product when you are reading the ingredient list. For example, when choosing bread or crackers, I try to choose a product where whole grain wheat is the first ingredient which shows that the crackers are made with mostly whole grain wheat. The Ingredient list will also tell you what essential vitamins and minerals are in the food product.

Alright, now that we have covered the basics, let’s get into the list of my favorite healthy snacks from Costco.

20 Healthy Snacks to Buy at Costco

Go Raw Organic Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds

These are full of fiber, healthy fats, magnesium and zinc. Go Raw Organic Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds can easily be incorporated into your meals and snacks. Sprinkle them in your yogurt bowls, in your salads, or eat them with a fresh fruit for a quick snack.

Healthy snacks at Costco: Sprouted Organic Pumpkin Seeds

Frigo Cheese Sticks

Cheese is a great snack packed with protein. It is easy to grab-and-go and I love that they are single serve and so portable. Pair these Frigo Cheese Sticks with fresh fruit, dried fruit or nuts for a healthy snack idea.

Fridge Cheese Sticks

Simple Mills Almond Flour Crackers

If you like a salty snack, these Simple Mills Almond Flour Crackers are the way to go! Made with whole ingredients and you can easily pair with cheese or peanut butter for a filling, healthy snack. For a gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan cracker, these are surprisingly delicious.

Almond Flour Crackers

Kirkland Signature Trail Mix

Even though this has some chocolate in it, it is totally okay to enjoy these as a snack when you’re craving something sweet. Kirkland Signature Trail Mix is balanced with nuts which provide healthy fatty acids which help keep you full for longer. 

Kirkland Trail Mix

That’s it. Mini Fruit bars

There are so many different granola bars to choose from at Costco, but That’s it. Mini Fruit bars are made completely of whole foods and have zero grams of added sugars. This is one of my favorite delicious snacks that I keep in my purse, gym bags and in my kids lunch boxes.

That's It. Mini Fruit Bars

Kirkland Protein Bars

These bars have the best price when it comes to protein bars. Kirkland Protein Bars are made with simple ingredients and they are an easy way to eat more protein. Protein helps balance blood sugar levels so these are a great option to eat in between meals.

Kirkland Cookies and Cream Protein Bars

Wholly Guacamole minis

I love that these Wholly Guacamole Minis are individually packaged, so they stay fresh longer. You can easily use them as a dip for veggies, for avocado toast, or as a topping for dinner bowls.

Wholly Guacamole Minis

Organic Roasted Seaweed Snacks

This is one of my favorite snacks of all time! If you love potato chips, these Organic Roasted Seaweed Snacks are a great alternative choice and one of the healthier options when you want a crunchy, salty snack.

Organic Roasted Seaweed Snack

SkinnyPop Popcorn

Another easy snack in the snack aisle are these SkinnyPop Popcorn. A serving size is 3 3/4 cups which is amazing because you can have a lot of it and it’s full of fiber!

Healthy snacks at Costco: SkinnyPop Popcorn

Kirkland Unsalted Mixed Nuts

Another easy choice full of healthy fats is Kirkland Unsalted Mixed Nuts. Choose the unsalted option especially if you have high blood pressure or a history of it.

Healthy snacks at Costco: Kirkland Unsalted Mixed Nuts

Fresh fruit

You can’t go wrong with fresh fruit. I like to buy a large watermelon and prep it for the week for easy snacking. I also love to buy their small gala apples which the kids love.

Chobani Less Sugar Greek Yogurt

I prefer buying plain Greek yogurt and adding my own fruit, honey and sometimes granola. Flavored yogurts typically have a lot of added sugars, however, these individually packaged yogurts are made with 45% less sugar than other flavored yogurts and are so easy to grab for a quick snack.

Off the Eaten Path Rice, Peas and Black Beans Veggie Crisps Snacks

These are so fun and are they’re a good choice when looking for something crunchy and delicious. Off the Eaten Path Rice Peas and Black Beans Veggie Crisps Snacks are made with simple ingredients and taste light and airy.

Healthy snacks at Costco: Off The Eaten Path Rice, Peas and Black Beans Veggie Crisps

Organic Hard-Boiled Eggs

Peeled and ready to eat, Kirkland Organic Hard-Boiled Eggs are full of protein and can easily be added to any meal or snack. I like to add them in my snack boxes as a quick way to boost protein.

Original Mini Beef Sticks by Country Archer

These Original Mini Beef Sticks by Country Archer are an excellent source of protein and have zero grams of sugar which is way lower than traditional jerky.

Healthy snacks at Costco Mini Grass-Fed Beef Sticks by Country Archer

Mini Cucumbers

Delicious and no need to prep them. I like to dip them in hummus or eat them with cheese for a balanced snack.

Universal Bakery Organic Aussie Bites

These Universal Bakery Organic Aussie Bites are packed with Omega-3 fatty acids as they are made with flax, chia and sunflower seeds. They are made with whole ingredients and are so satisfying.

Kirkland Signature Organic Hummus

Kirkland Signature Organic Hummus is a healthy snack sold in convenient single-serve cups. These are delicious and can easily be used as dip for many different options like vegetables, crackers, chips or as as a spread on bread.

Kirkland Signature Organic Dried Mangoes

These Kirkland Signature Organic Dried Mangoes taste like candy. You can eat them with nuts or dark chocolate if you’re craving an indulgent snack.

Healthy Snacks at Costco: Kirkland Signature Organic Dried Mangoes

Clovis Farms Organic Super Smoothie, Fruits & Vegetables

Clovis Farms Organic Super Smoothie, Fruits & Vegetables takes no prep at all and is made with just fruits and vegetables. Just add liquid and blend it together and you have a yummy, filling smoothie ready to go!

Next time you’re looking for healthy foods from Costco, make sure to grab this Costco shopping list to make it easy to choose the best healthy snacks. Costco is known for their variety of food options at a great price, which can sometimes be overwhelming for those that don’t know what to look for. Remember to read the nutrition label every time you’re trying to find the perfect snack that aligns with your health goals.

I included a bonus section below if you want to learn how to build a healthy, balanced snack. So, if you’re interested, keep reading!

How to Build a Healthy Filling Snack

In order to build a balanced snack (or any meal), it is important to understand that it takes a combination of nutrients to make a meal “balanced.” A balanced meal is one that combines high-fiber carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats together. This helps the body digest food slower and reduces the drastic spikes in blood sugar levels.

You do not want drastic blood sugar spikes because, in the short term, this leads to fatigue and hunger (even though you just ate). In the long term, the constant spike in blood sugar levels can lead to health issues, like diabetes, because the body is not able to lower blood sugar levels as effectively as it used to. It’s almost like the body gets used to high sugar in the blood and it stops lowering it like before.

This is why it’s important to balance your meals, so you are not constantly sending a large amount of sugar into the blood. By balancing your meals, you are slowing digestion which means your blood sugar levels are more stable and not drastically spiking and crashing.

Furthermore, a balanced diet provides you with fuel and nutrients your body needs to work effectively. Without eating a balanced diet, your body is more prone to illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

When you hear “eat a balanced diet” it means choosing a variety of foods from the different food groups. These include vegetables and fruits; protein (meat, fish, eggs, beans, soy); dairy (low-fat milk, cheese, yogurt); carbohydrates (starchy foods like rice, pasta, potatoes and bread – preferably wholegrain or wholewheat varieties); and a small quantity of healthy fats such as the unsaturated fat from olive oil. It is the combination of these food groups that help you build a balanced meal.

Balanced snack ideas

  • One tablespoon nut butter with 2 whole-grain crackers (fat + fiber)
  • ½ cup cottage cheese with fruits and four high-fiber crackers (protein + fiber)
  • 1 cup Greek yogurt with ½ cup bran buds (protein + fiber)
  • ¼ cup dried fruit mixed with ¼ cup nuts (fiber + healthy fats)
  • Four high-fiber crackers with 2 tablespoons nut butter and a piece of fruit (fiber + healthy fat)
  • Two hard-boiled eggs with four high-fiber crackers (protein + fiber)
  • One string cheese with one piece of fruit (protein + fiber)
  • Raw veggies with 2 tablespoons hummus (fiber + protein)
  • Apple + peanut butter (fiber + healthy fat)
  • Deli turkey + avocado (protein + healthy fat)
  • Almonds + banana (healthy fat + fiber)

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