The best books on discipline to read to improve your mindset and life.

20 Best Books on Self Discipline to Read in 2024

The best books about discipline can help you develop the self-control and focus you need to achieve your goals. Whether you want to improve your productivity, strengthen your relationships, or simply become a better person, these books can provide valuable insights and guidance.

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The science of self-discipline

Self-discipline can improve one’s health and overall life in several ways.

First, practicing self-discipline can help you make healthy choices in terms of diet and exercise, which can lead to improved physical health. For example, an individual who has self-discipline is more likely to resist the temptation to skip a workout when they made the promise to themselves that they are going to exercise. 

Second, self-discipline can also improve mental health and well-being. By setting and sticking to goals, you can develop a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, which can improve your self-esteem and overall mental health.

Additionally, self-discipline can help reduce stress and anxiety by giving you a sense of control over your actions and your life.

And finally, self-discipline can improve your relationships. By practicing self-control and avoiding impulsive reactions, you can develop a stronger and more meaningful relationship with others.

The relationship between self-control and health  

Self-control is a key component of self-discipline. It involves the ability to regulate one’s thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in order to achieve specific goals. By developing strong self-control, individuals are better able to resist temptation and make choices that align with their long-term goals and values.

This can be beneficial in a variety of areas, including personal relationships, career success and your health.

Strong self-control can lead to increased mental and emotional well-being, as individuals are better able to manage their thoughts and emotions in a healthy way. 

Overall, the science of self-control is a valuable tool for helping you develop self-discipline and lead a more fulfilling life.

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How reading can improve your health and well-being

As we embark on a new year, many of us are thinking about our personal goals and how we can improve ourselves and improve willpower in the coming months.

One important mindset to adopt is a growth mindset, which means viewing challenges and setbacks as opportunities for growth and learning. This kind of mental toughness is essential for achieving success in any area of life.

One way to cultivate a growth mindset is by reading self-development books by authors who emphasize this approach. 

The books listed below offer valuable insights and principles that can help you achieve your goals and become the best version of yourself.

When it comes to your health and well-being, taking consistent action towards your health goals requires mental toughness and determination, as well as a willingness to learn and grow.

By staying focused and committed, you can make significant progress towards your goals.

Why you need to master self-discipline 

Self-discipline is an essential skill to learning good habits, which in turn are essential for achieving better results in life. Hard work is one of the key ingredients of good habits. 

Personal experiences have taught me that when I put in the effort to develop good habits, such as regularly exercising and eating healthy, I am able to see positive changes in my life. 

These changes include increased productivity and overall well-being. By continuing to cultivate good habits, I believe that I can continue to improve and achieve even better results in the future.

Steps to achieve self discipline

In order to develop self-discipline, it may be helpful to set specific goals and create a plan for achieving them.

This can involve breaking larger goals down into smaller, more manageable tasks and taking it one step at a time.

It can also be helpful to create a positive environment that supports self-discipline, such as by removing temptations and distractions. It is also important to be patient and persistent, as self-discipline is a skill that takes time to develop.

Alright, let’s jump into the best books about discipline.

20 Best Books on Self Discipline

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

One of the most renowned books on discipline is The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. This classic work explores the habits that successful people cultivate in order to achieve their goals and live fulfilling lives. Covey’s insights are practical and thought-provoking. The book is filled with useful examples and exercises that can help you apply his principles to your own life.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People cover

The Power of Habit

Another great book on discipline is The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. This book delves into the science of habits and shows how they can be leveraged to improve our lives. Duhigg explains how habits are formed, how they can be changed, and how they can be used to achieve our goals. He also provides practical strategies for breaking bad habits and establishing new, positive ones.

The Power of Habit best books about self discipline

The Little Book of Big Change

This is a popular book and a great read. The author goes into detail about how to rewire your brain and overcome bad habits. Amy Johnson explains that your habits can be reversed with some brain wiring and repetition. 

The Little Book of Big Change provides a powerful combination of neuroscience and spirituality. This will help you realize  you are not your habits and you can make changes one step at a time. 

Best books about discipline | The Little Book of Big Life Change

The Untethered Soul

If you’re looking for a more spiritual approach to discipline, The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer is a great choice.

In this book, Singer explores the nature of the human ego. He shows how it can be transcended in order to achieve inner peace and freedom.

The provides practical techniques for letting go of attachment and living in the present moment. His insights are both profound and practical.

The Untethered Soul best books on self discipline

Deep Work

Deep Work by Cal Newport is a good book for self discipline. This book provides a framework for maximizing productivity and minimizing distractions. The book discusses the importance of focusing on deep, meaningful work and the benefits that come from doing so.

It also provides practical tips and strategies for building the habit of deep work and incorporating it into your daily routine.

By implementing the principles outlined in the book, you can improve your ability to concentrate and get more done in less time. This can help you achieve your goals and be more successful in your career and personal life.

Deep Work self discipline book

Thinking Fast and Slow

Written by Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman, this book explores the concept of how the human mind processes information. The book presents the idea that the mind has two distinct modes of thinking: “fast” thinking, which is intuitive and emotional, and “slow” thinking, which is logical and deliberate.

One of the key themes of the book is the role of self-discipline in decision-making and problem-solving. According to Kahneman, self-discipline is essential for using our “slow” mode of thinking.

This helps us overcome the biases and errors that are often associated with our “fast” mode of thinking.

In this way, Thinking Fast and Slow can be a useful book for anyone looking to improve their self-discipline and make better decisions.

By understanding the ways in which our minds can lead us astray, we can learn to recognize and overcome these biases, and use our self-discipline to make more rational and thoughtful choices.

thinking fast and slow book

The Now Habit

The best way to develop new habits and improve mental health is to read cutting-edge insights from popular self-help books. One such book is The Now Habit by New York Times bestselling author Neil Fiore. This book offers practical strategies for overcoming procrastination and building positive habits that can lead to greater productivity and happiness. By following the advice in this book, you can learn to overcome common obstacles and develop a more positive and proactive approach to life. 

The Now Habit book

The ONE Thing

The ONE Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan is a great book for anyone looking to improve their productivity and focus.

The authors argue that we often get bogged down by too many goals and distractions but the key to success is to focus on the one thing that is most important. Then you take the one thing and pursue it with single-minded determination.

They provide practical strategies for identifying your most important goal and staying focused on it, and their book is filled with useful examples and exercises that can help you apply their principles to your own life.

The One Thing book title page

Atomic Habits

In Atomic Habits, James Clear explores the science behind habit formation. He provides practical advice for creating positive habits that can improve your life.

Clear states that discipline is not about sheer will power, but rather about creating small, consistent changes that can compound over time.

He provides a step-by-step framework for developing habits that can help you achieve your goals. These can then create lasting change in your life.

Atomic Habits Best books on self discipline

The Power of self Discipline

In The Power of self-discipline, renowned self-development author Brian Tracy explores the key principles of discipline. Brain also provides practical advice for developing this important skill.

He argues that discipline is the key to success in all areas of life. 

My favorite part of the book is he provides a step-by-step guide for mastering this skill.

Tracy provides valuable tips and strategies for building self-discipline, setting goals, and achieving success in both your personal and professional life.

the best books about discipline | The Power of Self-Discipline

The Compound Effect

In The Compound Effect, Darren Hardy explores the power of small, consistent actions. He states that this can lead to incredible results.

This book teaches the principles of self-discipline and how they can be used to achieve success in your life. 

The book emphasizes the importance of setting goals, staying focused, and making small, consistent changes in your daily habits. This helps you achieve long-term success.

By following the principles in the book, you can learn to develop the self-discipline and focus you need to achieve your goals.

This then enables you to make positive changes in your life.

The Compound Effect best books on self discipline

Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength

This is a book that explores the psychological concept of willpower and its role in achieving goals and maintaining discipline.

Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength is written by Roy F. Baumeister and John Tierney, and is based on extensive research on the topic of self-control.

It is considered a good book on the topic of discipline because it provides a comprehensive overview of the psychological mechanisms behind willpower, as well as practical strategies for building and maintaining self-discipline. Additionally, the book is written in an engaging and accessible style, making it an enjoyable read for people with a general interest in psychology and self-improvement.

Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength best books about self discipline

The Willpower Instinct

The Willpower Instinct is a good book about discipline because it offers a scientific and practical approach to understanding and improving one’s willpower.

The book is written by Kelly McGonigal and is based on the latest research in the field of psychology and neuroscience.

McGonigal discusses the nature of willpower and how it is linked to various aspects of our lives. Like our physical health, emotional well-being, and productivity. She also provides practical strategies for improving one’s willpower and overcoming common obstacles to achieving goals.

Overall, The Willpower Instinct is a valuable resource for anyone looking to develop greater discipline and self-control in their lives.

The Willpower Instinct book

War of Art

The War of Art is a good book to learn self discipline because it focuses on the inner struggles that creatives face and offers practical advice for overcoming them. The book emphasizes the importance of perseverance, consistency, and determination in achieving success, and offers strategies for overcoming common obstacles such as procrastination, fear, and self-doubt.

It also provides motivation and inspiration for staying committed to your goals, even in the face of adversity. Overall, The War of Art is a valuable resource for anyone looking to develop self-discipline and achieve their creative potential.

The War of Art book

The 5 Second Rule

The 5 second rule is a concept that suggests that if you have an impulse to do something, you should count backwards from 5 to 1 and then take action. This is supposed to help you overcome procrastination and hesitation, and to build self-discipline. While this rule may be helpful for some people, it is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

The effectiveness of the “5 second rule” may vary depending on the individual and the situation. Some people may find that it helps them to take action and overcome procrastination, while others may find that it does not work for them.

Ultimately, self-discipline is a personal quality that each individual must develop for themselves, and the “5 second rule” is just one possible approach that may be helpful for some people.

The 5 Second Rule book

Essential Zen Habits

Essential Zen Habits is a good book for self-discipline because it offers practical advice for incorporating mindfulness and mindfulness practices into your daily life. The book teaches readers how to develop self-awareness and focus, which are important skills for maintaining self-discipline.

Additionally, the book offers guidance on goal setting and creating healthy habits that can help you stay motivated and on track. By applying the principles and techniques outlined in Essential Zen Habits, you can learn to cultivate self-discipline and become more productive, focused, and content in your daily life.

Best books about discipline | Essential Zen Habits

The Science of Self Control

The book The Science of Self Control is a good book for discipline because it explores the psychological and neurological basis of self-control and provides practical strategies for improving it.

The ability to control one’s thoughts, emotions, and behaviors is an essential skill for achieving personal and professional success, and this book offers valuable insights and guidance on how to develop greater self-control. It is a comprehensive and accessible guide to the science of self-control, and is likely to be a helpful resource for anyone interested in improving their discipline and self-management skills.

best books on self discipline | The Science of Self-Control

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

This is the best self-discipline book I have read in a long time. It breaks down the value self-discipline plays in making positive change and personal development. It also does a great job of helping you understand human behavior on a deeper level.

Written by Carol S. Dweck, a Stanford University psychologist, this book explores the role of mindset in personal success. Dweck argues that a person’s mindset plays a critical role in determining their success in life.

According to Dweck, individuals with a fixed mindset, or those who believe that their abilities are fixed and cannot be changed, are less likely to be successful than those with a growth mindset.

People with a growth mindset are more likely to be self-disciplined, as they are more willing to put in the effort and work required to improve their abilities.

Overall, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success is a thought-provoking and an easy read. The book offers valuable insights into the role of mindset in personal success. It is also a great read for anyone looking to develop greater self-discipline and achieve their goals.

Mindset best books about discipline

The Paradox of Choice

The Paradox of Choice is a book written by Barry Schwartz that explores the concept of choice and how it affects our lives.

While choice can be a good thing, too much choice can be overwhelming and lead to negative consequences. For example: anxiety, indecision, and dissatisfaction.

The book can be a helpful resource for those looking to improve their self-discipline. The Paradox of Choice provides insight into how the choices we make can impact our ability to control our impulses and make decisions that align with our goals and values. 

Additionally, the book offers practical advice for how to manage the abundance of choice in our lives and make better, more fulfilling decisions.

The Paradox of Choice book

Feel the Fear…and Do it Anyway

Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway is a popular book by Susan Jeffers that explores the idea that fear can hold us back from achieving our goals and living our best lives. The book suggests that by facing our fears head-on and pushing through them, we can develop greater discipline and determination.

It offers a variety of techniques, strategies and small steps for overcoming fear and taking positive action in the face of uncertainty. Overall, the book is considered a good resource for those looking to develop greater discipline and overcome the fears that may be holding them back.

Feel The Fear ... And Do It Anyway

Self-Discipline Concepts to Know About

The Marshmallow Test is a famous psychological experiment that was conducted by Stanford University psychologist Walter Mischel in the 1960s. The experiment involved giving a child a marshmallow then telling them that they have two choices. They could either eat it right away or wait and receive a second marshmallow as a reward for their patience. The test was designed to measure the child’s ability to delay gratification and control their impulses.

The results of the experiment showed that children who were able to wait for the second marshmallow had better life outcomes in terms of academic and social success.

The main lesson of The Marshmallow Test is that self-discipline is an important predictor of success in life.

The ability to delay gratification and resist temptation can help you achieve your goals in all areas of life. 

More Self-Discipline Resources

One of the greatest human strengths is the ability to discipline oneself and control one’s actions and thoughts. This is the main idea behind many popular books on the topic, such as “The Practicing Mind” by Thomas M. Sterner and “The First Book of Self-Discipline” by Peter Hollins. These great reads offer ways to stop procrastinating and focus on achieving one’s goals. 

Leonardo da Vinci is known for his incredible self-discipline and ability to focus on his goals. He is often cited as an example of the value that self-discipline can play in everyday life. Da Vincni is an inspiration to many serial entrepreneurs who seek to achieve great things.

In addition to the big things that we set our sights on, self-discipline can help us focus on the little things. By practicing self-discipline and focusing on our best intentions, we can become our best selves and achieve great things.

Bottom line

Self discipline can have a number of positive effects on a person’s life. It can help individuals to achieve their goals and make progress in their personal and professional lives. For example, a person with self discipline is more likely to set specific, achievable goals for themselves. Then they take those goals and work consistently and persistently to achieve those goals. This can lead to greater success and satisfaction in both their personal and professional lives.

Additionally, self discipline can help individuals to develop better habits and avoid negative behaviors. For example, a person with self discipline is less likely to procrastinate or indulge in unhealthy habits. By developing better habits and avoiding negative behaviors, individuals with self discipline are more likely to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.

Finally, self discipline can also have a positive effect on a person’s mental and emotional well-being. It can help individuals to manage their emotions and thoughts more effectively, which can reduce stress and anxiety. It can also help individuals to stay focused and maintain a positive attitude. This can lead to greater overall happiness and well-being.

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