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Healthy Morning Routine For Weight Loss

Having a healthy morning routine for weight loss can be very helpful when you’re trying to lose weight sustainably by changing your habits and lifestyle. There are some steps you can do every morning to set your day up for weight loss success.

I love a good morning routine so I was excited when someone asked me to share what a healthy morning routine for weight loss would look like.

If you’ve been following my social media accounts, you know that there is more to permanent weight loss than reducing your calorie intake and exercising. Of course these two factors do play a huge part in it, but if you want to lose weight and keep it off, you need to build habits that don’t require counting calories and exercising all day long.

healthy morning routine for weight loss starts with a healthy breakfast

In today’s post we are going to focus on creating a routine that you set in the morning to help you stay focused on your weight loss goal throughout the day. It is all about the small changes that you do on a daily basis that makes a huge impact on your weight loss journey.

And remember: the best morning routine for weight loss is the one you are going to stick to.

Alright, let’s get into it.

Healthy Morning Routine For Weight Loss

Workout in the morning

I know that this can be hard to do, especially if you’re a mom. However, if your goal is weight loss, research shows that exercising on an empty stomach, or first thing in the morning, increases the breakdown of fat tissue. Working out first thing in the morning increases fat utilization and weight loss because your body is using fat to fuel your workout.

In simpler terms, working out in the morning uses your fat stores, helps you burn calories for the rest of the day and can lead to greater weight loss.

Even though all exercise is great, I am a huge advocate of weight training. Lifting weights builds muscle and burns more calories at rest. And apart from weight loss, there are many benefits of weight training, especially for women, including reducing your risk of injury and falls, improves heart health, increases flexibility and helps manage blood sugar levels.

Tip: If you are a beginner, use your body as weights. You do not need to use any special equipment to get a good workout in. If you can not get a weight lifting session in, walking is also great – just get moving!

Have a high protein breakfast

A recent study published shows that eating a high-protein diet decreases body weight, increases satiety and increases fat free mass (non-fat part of the body). In other words, eating more protein helps you feel full, burns more calories throughout the day and increases muscle mass. This translates to a reduction of weight gain and less caloric intake throughout the day.

Aim to include protein in your breakfast daily to help balance your blood sugar levels and keep you feeling full throughout the day.

Protein foods include Greek yogurt, chia seeds, hemp seeds, flax seeds, meats, fish, beans, legumes, dairy products, seeds and nuts.

For inspiration and tips, I am constantly posting high protein meal ideas on my Instagram and TikTok, so make sure to follow me there if you aren’t already.

Here are a few examples of high protein breakfast ideas:

Practice mindfulness 

If you are someone who works out and eats fairly healthy but you don’t know why you’re not losing weight, it can be that your cortisol levels are high. 

Cortisol is a stress hormone and it can lead to weight gain, mostly deposited as belly fat. In today’s world, there is so much to be stressed about and it is really important to take some time to practice deep breathing, getting out in nature, stepping away from work or the news for a few minutes. 

And something that not many people know is that stress relief is an active process. This means that it needs to move through you. You can do this by practicing mindfulness which alleviates stress by helping you be more present. You can also relieve stress by exercising regularly or doing a morning stretch. Move your body and do deep breathing to help lower your stress levels and, in turn, cortisol levels.

Tip: You can easily incorporate mindfulness in your morning routine by taking 5 deep breaths and starting your day with gratitude. There are so many health benefits of practicing gratitude and it only takes a few minutes each day!

dietitian sitting down practicing mindfulness by reading a book

Add fiber to your breakfast

Fiber is super important for weight loss because it adds bulk and volume to your meals without being digested or absorbed by the body. You need to ADD in more of the nutrients that help make weight loss easier without eating less food. This is why fiber (and protein) are essential for weight loss that lasts.

Fiber acts like a sponge in your intestines. Fiber does not dissolve in water but it does absorb water as it passes through the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. It helps speed up the passage of food and waste through your gut. Fiber is also super important for gut health and if you want to learn how to improve gut health for weight loss make sure to read the linked article!

Fiber is found in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and beans. The addition of fiber-rich foods to your diet will help you feel fuller and will give you energy and nutrients your body needs to function properly. 

Fiber rich foods also take longer to digest which means you feel fuller longer and you are more likely to eat less throughout the day since those hunger hormones are happy and balanced.

Meal planning

I prefer you do this in the evening but definitely take some time to write out your meals for the day. You don’t necessarily need to prep those meals if that feels overwhelming, but take time to at least write out what meals you will be eating that day.

This keeps you focused and on track of your goals by making it easy for you to grab foods that keep you on the road to weight-loss success!

If you are wondering how to build your meals for sustainable weight loss check out this linked article.

Get some sun

I am a huge advocate for sunscreen and staying out of the sun most of the time, but letting the sun touch your face in the morning is important for your mental and emotional health. It also exposes you to vitamin D which has been shown to aid in weight loss. Morning light also helps you sleep better which, again, is important for weight loss.

In the spring and summer time, I like to spend about 10 minutes in the morning drinking my coffee outside, practicing mindfulness and deep breathing. It helps me start my day on the right track and helps improve my productivity.

Use “The Daily Pages”

Create your morning habits by using The Daily Pages made specifically for those that want to take a holistic approach to weight loss. The Daily Pages was created to simplify your weight loss process and make your journey enjoyable.

It is an all-in-one printable step-by-step guide to help you organize your day, meals, goals and affirmations all in one place. The guide also helps you identify if you’re eating enough protein, fiber, healthy fats and greens. It is all about having a clear system in place that helps you set your intentions with actionable steps.

Included in The Daily Pages is 30 days worth of journal entries and a breakdown of how to meal plan to ensure you are eating in a way that is nourishing and filling while losing weight in a healthy way. There are also sample meal plans, journal prompts, affirmations and a gratitude section to help keep you organized and clear about your goals.

Bottom Line

Creating morning rituals for weight loss are necessary to help you focus on your goals. Try to focus on goals like getting stronger or building habits that improve your mood and happiness versus just what your body looks like. It’s never bad that you want to look and feel better in your skin, but having your goals go beyond weight loss is important for the days when your motivation is low.

Common Questions About Weight Loss

What to eat first thing in the morning to lose weight?

Start your day with protein, fiber and healthy fats to help balance your hunger hormones and keep your blood sugar balanced throughout the day. Eating a balanced meal reduces insulin spikes first thing in the morning which is important for weight loss and sustained energy.

How to stay motivated to lose weight?

Motivation is a feeling which means it comes and goes. You will not always be highly motivated and energized to work on your weight loss goals but know that this feeling does pass. Give yourself a break and reconnect with your deeper reasoning as to why you want to lose weight. Use that reasoning instead of motivation to keep you on track of your goals. And if your current weight loss routine feels unsustainable and is causing you to lose motivation, don’t be nervous to adjust your routine to one that fuels you and not one that drains you.

What is the best weight loss diet?

The best diet is one that does not deprive or restrict your food intake. You can still lose weight by eating your favorite foods. Focus on adding fiber, protein, healthy fats and plants in your meals, exercising consistently, managing your stress and getting enough sleep. All of these factors work together to make weight loss simpler, helps balance your hormones, and provides your body with adequate nutrition.

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